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Hey there, smile enthusiasts! Ready to meet your dental dream team? Let's give a big, toothy welcome to our doctors. These aren't just your average orthodontist; they're more like smile wizards, here at Alamo City Orthodontics. With a sprinkle of dental magic and a dash of care, they're all set to guide you on a journey to that picture-perfect smile!

Precision Diagnostics with Digital X-Rays

Wave goodbye to those old-school, bite-down-and-hold X-rays! Our digital X-Rays are like the superheroes of the dental world, swooping in with less radiation and more clarity. It's all about getting a crystal-clear look at your pearly whites, zippy fast, so you can get back to what matters—your next adventure. Our office features handheld X-ray machines which emit less radiation compared to old machines with film. We also make use of our panoramic x-ray machine, allowing our doctor and team to see a true image of your entire mouth, so that a plan can be created and tracked, to ensure a perfect smile.

See the Unseen with iTero Intra-oral Cameras

Ever wondered what your dentist sees during a check-up? Our intra-oral cameras are your VIP pass to the show! These tiny, magical wands let us take you on a tour of your mouth, revealing every nook and cranny in mesmerizing detail. It's dental discovery in HD, making you the co-pilot of your dental journey. After capturing 3D images of your teeth, we are able to plan treatment and project how long your treatment will take and produce an image of the final result, all thanks to AI and iTero.

The Big Picture with Panoramic X-Rays

Get ready for the ultimate selfie! Our panoramic X-Rays capture your whole smile in one shot. Think of it as the group photo of your teeth, jaw, and bones—everyone's in, no one's cropped out! It's essential for spotting the unseen and planning your path to a picture-perfect smile.

Why Advanced Imaging Matters for Your Dental Health

In the world of dentistry, seeing is believing (and treating!). Our advanced imaging tech is like having superhero goggles, revealing the hidden secrets of your oral health. It's about spotting the little things before they become big things, ensuring your smile is not just stunning but super strong.

Your Comfort and Safety: Our Top Priorities

At Alamo City Orthodontics, we're all about making sure you're comfortable.  Our imaging tech is not just about fancy pictures; it's designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Less radiation, more relaxation, and a whole lot of care—that's our promise to you.

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Let's get those smiles shining with the power of advanced imaging. See you soon, future dental pioneers!