Unveil the Hidden Layers of Your Smile with Advanced X-ray technology at Alamo City Orthodontics


At Alamo City Orthodontics, we're turning dental detective work into an art form, thanks to our state-of-the-art X-ray tech. Our doctors are here to uncover the secrets of your pearly whites, ensuring your smile is not just beautiful but strong and healthy too!

The Power of X-Rays: Seeing Beyond the Surface

Think of X-rays as your smile's superpower, revealing the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. Whether it's spotting a cavity or planning the perfect alignment for your teeth, our X-ray vision is all about keeping your smile a step ahead. From bitewing to panoramic views, we've got all angles covered!

Safety First: Our Commitment to Low-Radiation X-Rays

Worried about radiation? Not to worry. Our digital X-ray machines are like the gentle giants of the dental world—big on results, low on radiation. We're all about keeping you safe and sound while providing crystal-clear images that help us care for your smile.

Your X-Ray Experience: What to Expect

We'll walk you through the X-ray process of taking X-rays, making sure you're comfortable and clued in from start to finish. It's a quick snap here, a gentle bite there, and you're done. 

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Serving Alamo City and the Greater San Antonio Area

From the heart of Alamo City to the edges of San Antonio, we're on a mission to illuminate smiles with the power of X-ray technology. Whether you're a local or just passing through, your smile is part of our story.

Let's light up your dental health with a bit of X-ray magic. Your journey to a radiant, healthy smile starts here!

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