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Night Guards

Dual Protection with Custom Night Guards

At Alamo City Orthodontics, we recognize that a beautiful, healthy smile requires protection both during and after orthodontic treatment. That's why we offer custom-fitted night guards designed not only to safeguard against the effects of teeth grinding (bruxism) but also to help maintain the alignment of your teeth once your orthodontic journey is complete.

Why Night Guards are Essential for Your Smile

Night guards play a crucial role in preserving the health and aesthetics of your smile in two key ways:

- Protection Against Bruxism: Teeth grinding can lead to worn enamel, increased tooth sensitivity, and even chipped or cracked teeth. A custom-fitted night guard acts as a barrier between your teeth, protecting them from damage and reducing strain on your jaw muscles.

- Maintaining Orthodontic Results: After the completion of orthodontic treatment, your teeth can shift, potentially undoing the perfect alignment achieved. Wearing a night guard as directed can help retain your new smile's position, ensuring lasting results.

Tailored for Comfort and Effectiveness

Our night guards are not one-size-fits-all. We use precise digital imaging to create a guard that fits your unique mouth structure perfectly, ensuring comfort without compromising protection. Whether you need a guard for bruxism, post-orthodontic retention, or both, we've got your smile covered.

Integrating Night Guards into Your Oral Care Routine

Incorporating a night guard into your nightly routine is a simple step that can have a significant impact on your oral health and the longevity of your orthodontic results. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring your night guard becomes an effortless addition to your life.

Who Benefits from a Custom Night Guard?

Custom night guards are beneficial for individuals who:

- Experience teeth grinding or clenching at night

- Have completed orthodontic treatment and wish to maintain their smile's alignment

- Seek to protect their teeth and investment in their smile

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