Transform Your Smile with Clear Aligners at Alamo City Orthodontics 

Meet Your Smile Magicians in San Antonio

Hey there, smile enthusiasts! Ready to meet your dental dream team? Let's give a big, toothy welcome to our doctors. These aren't just your average orthodontist; they're more like smile wizards, here at Alamo City Orthodontics. With a sprinkle of dental magic and a dash of care, they're all set to guide you on a journey to that picture-perfect smile!

Why Choose Clear Aligners?
Because Braces Are So Yesterday!

Gone are the days of metal mouth! Clear aligners are like the cool, invisible sidekick for your teeth. They're so stealthy; you might forget they're even there. And the best part? They're like your teeth's personal trainers, working 'round the clock to get those pearly whites in tip-top shape.

Our Clear Aligner Line-Up:
The A-Team of Teeth Straightening

Here at Alamo City Orthodontics, we've got an all-star lineup of clear aligners. Whether you're team Invisalign or looking for something a little different, we've got your back. And guess what? Each set is as unique as you are, tailor-made to fit your smile goals.


The Clear Aligner Adventure: What's the Game Plan?

Starting with a high-five and a digital scan, we're kicking off your smile journey with style. You'll be in and out, sporting a new set of aligners before you know it. And don't sweat the small stuff; we're here to coach you through the care, the wear, and everything in between.

Keeping it Real: Clear Aligners Cost and Keeping Your Wallet Happy

Let's talk numbers, but don't worry – no calculators needed here. We're all about keeping things transparent, just like your aligners. We'll walk you through the costs, help you navigate the insurance maze, and find a payment plan that doesn't make your wallet cry.

Selfie Transformations: Before and After Gallery

Ready for some serious #TransformationTuesday vibes? Check out our hall of fame, featuring the stars of Alamo City Orthodontics. These before-and-after shots aren't just about straighter teeth; they're about brighter, bolder, and more confident smiles.

Serving Alamo City and Beyond

Not in the heart of San Antonio? No worries! We're here for everyone from Alamo Heights to Vineyard, making sure everyone gets a piece of the smile pie.

Let's make those smile dreams a reality, one aligner at a time. See you soon, future smile superstars!

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