Surgical Orthodontics San Antonio, TX: Is It Worth It?

Surgical Orthodontics San Antonio, TX: Is It Worth It?

Are you considering surgical orthodontics San Antonio, TX? While the idea of correcting troublesome malocclusion (bad bites) and achieving a beautiful smile may be appealing, it’s vital to ensure that orthognathic (jaw) surgery is really suitable for your needs. In this blog post, the board-certified orthodontists of Alamo City Orthodontics will help you evaluate the pros and cons of pursuing jaw surgery, because making an educated decision about your oral health is essential to your overall well-being.

Advantages of Surgical Orthodontics San Antonio, TX

For many, surgical orthodontics San Antonio, TX, is a life-changing procedure.

Treats All Kinds of Malocclusion

Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, is a specialized field of dentistry that is capable of treating a wide variety of bad bites that cannot be corrected through traditional orthodontic treatment. This procedure involves the combined efforts of an orthodontist and a maxillofacial surgeon who work together to reconstruct and reposition the jaw and facial bones. This innovative approach to dental treatment is ideal for patients whose misalignments cannot be fixed through braces alone and results in improved function, comfort, and overall oral health.

Permanent Results

Surgical orthodontics is often recommended for individuals with severe jaw misalignment or bite problems. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment, which focuses on correcting the alignment of teeth, surgical orthodontics involves surgery to reposition the jawbone. This approach can produce permanent results, as the surgery alters the structure of the jaw. Although surgical orthodontics may require a longer treatment time and involve a higher level of complexity, it can provide significant, long-lasting benefits for those who require it.

Disadvantages of Surgical Orthodontics San Antonio, TX

With any procedure, surgical orthodontics San Antonio, TX, can come with downsides.


The cost of jaw surgery can vary depending on several factors. These include the surgeon’s experience, the specific procedure used, and the geographic location of the office. When considering orthognathic surgery costs, it’s essential to take into account the following:

  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Hospital or Surgical Facility Costs
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Tests

By considering these factors and discussing them with your surgeon, you can better understand the overall expenses associated with jaw surgery. Although the cost of jaw surgery may vary from place to place, orthognathic surgery is often covered by insurance if it’s a functional problem and there are no exclusions in your insurance plan. It’s also worth noting that our orthodontists offer flexible financing options to help patients be able to afford surgical orthodontics San Antonio, TX.

Extensive Downtime

Despite the many benefits that surgical orthodontics can provide, one of the primary concerns for patients is the extensive downtime associated with the procedure. During this time, patients may experience discomfort, swelling, and difficulty with tasks like speaking, eating, and drinking. However, downtime is a crucial part of the healing process, and it is often necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. Fortunately, with proper care and attention, patients can minimize their discomfort and begin to see the benefits of the surgery in weeks.

Find Surgical Orthodontics San Antonio, TX

At Alamo City Orthodontics, we do our best to minimize surgical intervention–but in some cases, jaw surgery is simply necessary. Our team of caring professionals can answer any questions you may have about finding the best solution for your needs. Schedule an orthodontic consultation so you can see how surgical orthodontics San Antonio, TX, could change your life!

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