Who Needs Surgical Orthodontic Treatment?

Who Needs Surgical Orthodontic Treatment?

Surgical orthodontics is also referred to as orthognathic surgery. It is typically used to correct the jaw, so braces are more effective. However, this type of oral surgery can help with a variety of conditions. Whether you need this form of treatment is best determined by your doctor, but you may fall into one of several common categories of people who benefit from orthognathic surgery.

If you need surgical orthodontics in San Antonio, TX, visit Alamo City Orthodontics. Our doctor has decades of experience as an orthodontist and has done valuable research on facial birth defects, making him a well-regarded expert in the field of oral surgery. As our patient, you will benefit from advanced technology, treatment planning, and durable implant materials that increase the likelihood of a seamless, effective procedure.

5 Reasons You May Need Orthognathic Surgery

If you’re looking into jaw surgery, it’s likely that your doctor has mentioned an abnormality that may be affecting your sleep, eating, breathing, or speaking. If you’re suffering from a condition of the jaw, it’s possible that we can correct it and improve your quality of life. We may have recommended surgical orthodontic treatment because of:

  • An injury. Facial trauma can impact the bone tissue in the teeth and jaw. Sometimes, surgery is the only way to stem the damage and correct developing issues.
  • Troublesome wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth erupt free of complications, and when they are removed at the proper time, they require relatively painless, non-invasive extractions. Sometimes, we may recommend orthognathic surgery to remove wisdom teeth that are interfering with other aspects of your jaw and oral health.
  • Severe Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). For most people, treating TMD is easy. Dental night guards and physical therapy can completely eliminate symptoms. However, a small percentage of people will require surgery.
  • Sleep apnea. The most common form of sleep apnea is called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and it is often the result of jaw misalignment and malocclusion issues. Correcting these problems surgically can eliminate the obstruction, and therefore, the sleep apnea.
  • Severe malocclusion. Most overbites and underbites can be corrected with orthodontic appliances like braces. Some people will require surgery to bring the upper and lower jaws into alignment.

These are a few of the most common reasons for orthodontic surgery; however, your situation may be unique. We’d be happy to offer more information on your situation, and how surgery could improve your condition.

How Bad Does It Need to Be to Require Surgery?

If you weren’t recommended for surgery and are doing research on your own about whether you could qualify, our doctor can help you determine your eligibility. However, a good question to ask yourself is how often and how severely you are impacted by problems with your jaw. If you have any of these issues, you may be a good candidate for orthognathic surgery:

  • Difficulty eating the foods you like
  • Bad sleep, including snoring and lack of sleep
  • Speech issues that affect your confidence, competence, and self-satisfaction
  • Pain in your jaw that often causes headaches and sleeplessness
  • Persistent symptoms of TMD, including clicking, that don’t subside after treatment

Choose Alamo City Orthodontics for Your Jaw Surgery

For surgical orthodontics in San Antonio, TX, Alamo City is equipped to provide you with exceptional care, follow-up treatment, and compassionate education surrounding your procedure. You deserve to be well-informed about your treatment and the benefits of surgery. To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about your treatment, call 210-972-9153. We want to help you envision a future without the complications of a jaw defect and experience a higher quality of life.

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